GDPR ... blah blah blah

Our policy is simple and straight forward.

We don't, and won't EVER, share your information with any body. Full. Stop.


Any information you share with LGWD will be of your own free will.

It will only be used for what it's needed for - why else would you share it, right ?!?!??!


And quite simply, if you want us to remove it from where it's stored or used, just ask!


It's worth noting that when and if you do share information, our site is SSL encrypted and secure, and all LGWD devices are robustly protected and monitored.

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Status Update

Limited Support

Due to an addition in the LGWD family, there will be a slower than normal response time across April and into May.

Support requests will still be dealt with, however, there is a higher than normal chance of deviating outside of the expected response window for your support category.

Any support requests marked as Urgent / Emergency will be dealt with within a 24 hour period.

Any requests marked as Urgent / Emergency but are deemed not to be so will be moved to the bottom of the pile for dealing with later.

As ever, all of the pro-active monitors are in place to prevent downtime and an emergency response service will remain in place.