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  • 03 March 2018
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The Emotional Processing & Offline Consolidation Lab at the University of York required an tailored online questionnaire task running. Their current website was unable to provide this feature and so LGWD was approached.

The system followed a simple loop to provide a number of images to obtain a number of responses from participants.

The system also allowed for the presentation, download and response of the necessary paperwork required by the study with easy user tracking.

The system generates emails on successful completion of the study and calculates the suitability of the user for the study.

Additionally, all response data could be exported from the study with a single button click.

LGWD hosts the underlying framework which is built on Joomla!.

The template was duplicated to match the current site, but couldn't be directly copied due to different framework systems.

  • Start Date: 2017
  • End Date: Present
  • Status: Live

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