Some customers will have experienced trouble with submitting tickets through the support system recently. At the same time, some customers will have noticed that submission forms and mailers will not have worked on their sites.
This was down to a troubleshooting exercise to locate a rouge script which was running the sendmail PHP function into overdrive on the server. For this reason, the sendmail capability was switched off server-wide so that it could be located and removed.

This has now been completed and all site functions have been restored.

As part of a further strategy to reduce the amount of SPAM reaching your mailboxes, the SPAM filter on LGWD Servers has been upgraded. This filter now works harder to test the messages before they have the chance to reach your inbox.

For those interested, of the 6 hours the filter has been in place and online, it has stopped and rejected 2314 messages from entering the server. This has been done to ensure that as much SPAM as possible can be filtered out and stop irritating customers, as well as making sure that legitimate emails are not filtered!

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