Unfortunately, today (06/03/2018) between the hours of 12.45pm - 14:45pm, the network zone in which the LGWD Server resides experienced issues beyond our control.

As a result of this, the access to  LGWD Services:

 - Web

 - Mail

 - Storage

was affected with intermittent connectivity issues. This will have caused page errors to display as "Site cannot be reached" or Server timeout 401. 

No mail will have been lost as a result, and any messages attempted to be delivered to the LGWD server will (by default from most servers) be re-attempted within a 24hr window automatically.

Any messages being sent from the LGWD server will have remained in the queue for processing once network connectivity was restored and will have been sent automatically.

LGWD apologises for the inconvenience this caused, especially as it also affected the efficient communication of this to our clients.

We are pleased to inform that the issue has now been resolved by network administrators at the data centre involved.

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