Wath Golf Club

    • Web Design & Dev /
    • PC Maintenance
  • 20 February 2015
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LGWD originally upgraded Wath's web presence back in 2008, as one of the first completed projects. Wath has continued to use LGWD to maintain their website and now in 2013 has had both a back-end upgrade to a Joomla! system, and a face lift to bring the site to life once more.

LGWD were able to provide a more aesthetically pleasing website that was rich in content. WGC were also provided with a means of being able to update the site themselves with no "technical" knowledge required or software on their office machine.

  • Start Date: 2008
  • End Date: Present
  • Status: Running
  • Redesigned: 2013

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Status Update

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Due to an addition in the LGWD family, there will be a slower than normal response time across April and into May.

Support requests will still be dealt with, however, there is a higher than normal chance of deviating outside of the expected response window for your support category.

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As ever, all of the pro-active monitors are in place to prevent downtime and an emergency response service will remain in place.