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    • Web Design & Dev
  • 20 February 2015
  • 10401

LGWD was approached to design and build a brand new multilingual website for a new startup company focusing within the Au Pair market in both the UK and France.

LGWD accepted the challenge and were able to follow a provided design specification from an external graphic designer and provide a website that fulfilled the original criteria and more.

A key function of this site is a logical registration form which captures, handles and stores data securely.

Implementing a Joomla! framework ensured that the client was able to edit the site themselves as well as providing the key components for user registration. Joomla! also handles the language and domain switching of the site without sweating!

A complex template design for the Joomla! framwork provided a base for a fully responsive site, matching the requirements of the viewing device for not only mobile, but tablet devices on all platforms.

  • End Date: 2014
  • End Date: 2016
  • Status: Closed

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