St Thomas' Music Portal

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  • 16 September 2015
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A system that enables the collaboration of music selection and slide management for a church.

Ability to perform key tasks including:

  • Song requests
  • Aaddition of song words to the church's database for display in services.
  • Monthly music timetables
  • Automatic notifications to Music group

Built with a pure PHP backend, and a fully Bootstrap3 design.

  • Start Date: 2015
  • End Date: Present
  • Status: Running

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Status Update

Limited Support

Due to an addition in the LGWD family, there will be a slower than normal response time across April and into May.

Support requests will still be dealt with, however, there is a higher than normal chance of deviating outside of the expected response window for your support category.

Any support requests marked as Urgent / Emergency will be dealt with within a 24 hour period.

Any requests marked as Urgent / Emergency but are deemed not to be so will be moved to the bottom of the pile for dealing with later.

As ever, all of the pro-active monitors are in place to prevent downtime and an emergency response service will remain in place.