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LGWD prides itself on the efficient response to customer enquiries and support issues and provide a dedicated portal for all issues and problems to be reported. This allows for tracking of problems and a full archive log along with a knowledgebase for a self help solution.

This page also contains information relating to any scheduled maintenance or system errors.


Everything is back up to speed.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with the LGWD server data centre at the moment which is being resolved by a third party.

As a result, some of you may experience slow connections to your websites.

At the moment, there is no estimated time of resolution.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

As you can see, the new website is up and running.

The old support system has been migrated to the new one located on this site and will look slightly different to what clients are used to here.

Similarly, the invoicing system has been migrated across to provide more options and flexibility for clients.

Any problems, click on Support > Support Centre.


All clients should have been emailled logon information for this site, if you haven't, drop an email over.

All systems are functioning and up to date.

Please report any issues via our ticketing system at:

Hosting: Unaffected
Domain: Unaffected
Email: Unaffected
    Period affected: Friday 17th April 1.00AM - Monday 22nd April 6.00PM
    Impact: Any updates that need performing by LGWD will not be possible and need to wait until after this period. Clients with editing access can of course update their sites as normal
    Period affected: Sunday 13th April 11.00PM - Monday 22nd April 6.00PM
    Impact: Backups will not be taken daily during this period. Only a minimal incremental e-mail and site change backup will take place every other day throughout the period
    Period affected: Sunday 13th April 11.00PM - Monday 22nd April 6.00PM
    Impact: Support via telephone throuhgout this period will not be available, except for urgent matters. Matters constituting *Urgent* in this situation are:
                        Site not accessible globally (not just from your computer)
                        Mail Server error response codes 0, 1, 5
Support via email will not be available
Any support requests MUST be submitted at for the period in order for your problems to be addressed


We apologise for the inconvenience this disruption may have, but your websites and email should run mainly without disruption.

This is while we make some vital hardware upgrades and relocation work.

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