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LGWD prides itself on the efficient response to customer enquiries and support issues and provide a dedicated portal for all issues and problems to be reported. This allows for tracking of problems and a full archive log along with a knowledgebase for a self help solution.

This page also contains information relating to any scheduled maintenance or system errors.


We are pleased to report that all of the maintenance has now been completed successfully.

All sites and services are back online and fully functioning. All Joomla sites have been patched to the latest versions and a new central control system has been installed to aid in the rapid rollout of future security patches.

The servers have been given an early spring clean and should be running smoother than ever to provide you with the quality service you expect from LGWD.

As ever, if there should be any problems, please submit a support ticket.

Over the Xmas period, there will be several back-end operating upgrades to the LGWD servers to increase operability, security and stability so that LGWD can provide you with the best possible service.


During this time, you may notice one or more of the following:

  • your websites unreachable or "timing out"
  • you're unable to access your webmail or connect to your mailboxes from your preferred client

Do not worry, you don't need to submit a ticket as this will be part of the upgrade process. Although the "down-time" will be limited to off-peak times, there are sometimes unforeseen complications that require a longer down-time.

You won't lose any information or any emails as these will be attempted multiple times over a period of time to deliver your mail (that's how Mail Servers act naturally).


Once all upgrade work is complete, a further status update will be posted and should you be experiencing any problems after that you may submit a ticket.

As many of you will be aware, TalkTalk recently announced they had suffered a large hack due to a simple SQL injection after a DDoS attack.

At the same time, a vulnerability was discovered in the Joomla! framework, affecting versions 3.0 - 3.4 which many (not all) of your sites run.

This vulnerability was patched and the update rolled out to all sites affected - as a result, some functionality of your websites may be affected - if you spot any issues, please open a support ticket and mark it as Urgent.

Clients hosting on LGWD1 will have experienced a drop in their website uptime between 10:12 - 10:48AM (GMT) on 23/05/2015.

LGWD apologises for any inconvenience caused however this was an essential security update that required disabling some services to take effect.

As always, should you have an problems, please raise a ticket in the support section.

All problems should now be resolved.

If you experience any problems with your sites, please open a support ticket.


Several of you may be experiencing strange error messages being displayed on your sites.


This is due to a PHP upgrade on the server which has caused a few more problems than envisaged.


We're working on the matter.

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